The Canaanite Curse

Noah cursed Canaan to be slaves so that they could be exploited, because Ham exploited him. Ham tried to reduce his own sin (perversion in pornography) by getting his brother's approval in exploiting his father's nakedness. (Gen. 9)


No matter how hard you try, you make no progress, and you are never good enough. It does not matter how much overtime you work, or extra studies you take or what you do, bosses will never promote you or leaders will not release you to do what you want.

Often leadership will acknowledge your talents, but you always need to hung around a little more or that promotion that never comes, or you get exploited by the leadership in your church, community, institution no matter how many times you change jobs, churches, and so on.

Cause (sin)

  • You cover or reduce sin for the sake of popularity, i.e. you are lowing moral standards. For example, you promote the media (TV, music, movies, computer games) with low standards, gossip, whining, negative conversations that focus on what is wrong and bad, or you tell or allow dirty jokes to be told.
  • You deceive people to hung around you. This is idolatry of man. For example, you give the impression that when people hung around you a little more they will receive anointing, power, popularity, finance, or they will learn the trade from you, but instead you drain or overwork those people for your own selfish gains (typically of a "predator").

This curse is a typical attack on the Redemptive Gift of the Exhorter for whom it is very important to be popular.


  • You need to be willing to sacrifice popularity, loose followers and be alone to validate evil and stand for the truth.
  • You need to practise to turn negative deadly conversations from other people into life giving positive conversations and celebrate God's goodness.


You will receive access to resources which was previously not available to you.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.