Redemptive Gift of the Exhorter

Exhorters are typically also known as “extroverts”. A person of the redemptive gift of Exhorter is usually viewed as party looking for some place to happen.

Their most important principle: Reality

  • They tend to govern by relationship and by persuasion and not by principle. For example they will govern with opinion polls.
  • Networks are very important to them.
  • A carnal exhorter will inspire people around a vision / activity / plan, but a mature exhorter will reveal God to the people.


  • They know how to sit down next to a stranger and find the key to his heart in a very little time.
  • They can easily relate to people wherever they are, whatever the time.
  • They have the ability to understand people, relate to people, make other people like them.
  • They are excellent evangelists.
  • They are master communicators.
  • They have the capability to have significant disagreements, even loud arguments but still sustain relationships without alienation.
  • They are flexible and are very quick to see opportunities, abandon the original plan and take advantage of the new situation.
  • They are visionaries and tend to see the broader picture (strategy).
  • They can re-word, re-craft previously rejected ideas and present it to people in a more acceptable way and bring people along it.
  • They are excellent with reconciliation.
  • They are mobilizer and gatherers.


  • They hate being alone.
  • They avoid pain, suffering and isolation as far as possible.


They usually divide the world into “insiders” and “outsiders”. They do not mind opposition from outsiders, but they cannot tolerate rejection from the “insiders”. They find fulfilment in acceptance by their “insiders”. Therefore they are usually unwilling to confront sin from the “insiders” because of the fear of rejection. They will usually rather quit a job/church/organisation and start over again than to face rejection.

Based on the teachings of Kanaan Ministries and Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.