The Armenian Curse

Aram was a city with two physical rivers but also two spiritual flows that tried to dominate each other. (Judges 3:7-11)


You cannot get justice. No matter how hard you try, you get no refunds when a refund is supposedly due, the insurance claims fails, complaints are ignored, and so on.

Cause (sin)

  • You try to solve other people’s problems in cases where it is none of your business.
  • You did not solve your own problems for which you are responsible.
  • You manipulate other people’s decisions to get favour which could be done with your money, race, qualifications (degrees), contacts (network), charm, power in a secret organisation (like free masonry) or even lawlessness instead of depending on God for provision.

You consider yourself a “judge” or perverted other people’s judgement therefor you will also not receive justice.

This curse is a typical attack on the Redemptive Gift of the Prophet who loves to judge.


Repent of this sin and change your lifestyle.


  • You will notice that you suddenly will receive unearned favour from people you do not know. For example people will recommend you or your business, strangers will be willing “walk the extra mile” for you to assist you with a problem.
  • Where you might have experienced injustice in the past, this might now get reversed where you receive basic security from a functional justice system.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.