Ammonite Curse

The chapter in Judges 11 tells the sad story of Jephta who went to battle but got cold feet. Then he asked God to give him victory and in return he vowed that he will sacrifice anything that comes out of his tent. Unfortunately, this turns out to be his only beloved daughter. The consequence of his foolish vow is that he had to sacrifice his seed, so that there was no generation after him and nobody to leave his inheritance.


You have to be actively involved in everything. You can never develop a team that you can leave alone.

Cause (sin)

  • Bitterness. You choose to solve your own pain with your own mechanisms, for example to take revenge.
  • You try to buy God's favour (manipulate God) with your own resources.
  • You rejected a gift from God that was intended for you.

This curse is typical attach on the Redemptive Gift of Mercy who might not feel legitimate enough to be able to receive favour from God, his/her team, or those who are supposed to support him/her.


  1. Discover what you enjoy even if it adds no measurable value (gifts from God)
  2. Receive and enjoy gifts from God
  3. Appreciate and be grateful


A team that supports you.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.