The Midianite Curse

Every harvest season the Midianites would come and steal Israel's harvest. This devouring kept the Israelites poor.

Midian was born from one of Abraham's concubines out of his own personal pleasure and technically Median was not supposed to exist.


There is a clear pattern in your life where every cycle you would suffer a massive devouring. This could be in your finances, health, accidents, premature death in the family, relationships, spoiled celebrations or events and so forth.

Cause (sin)

  • You have taken pleasure when you were not supposed to take pleasure. For example pre-marriage sex, lust, adultery, pornography, entertainment at the cost of other (like watching TV instead of spending time with spouse or children). Because you have done this sin, you will not have pleasure when you are supposed to enjoy pleasure.
  • You have taken comfort when you were not supposed to take comfort. For example, you only supply resources like money until it becomes uncomfortable with an entitlement mindset instead of stewarding God's resources.
  • You have taken security from man because you do not trust God's provision. For example, you have a greater trust free masonry, educational degrees, network of contacts, financial investments, career, and so on.
  • When you do give you give with strings attached, i.e. you stay in control and you are actually enslaving the receiver.

If you understand the above mentioned sins, it starts to make sense why your pleasure, comfort, security and freedom is devoured at the most inconvenient times when it was supposed to be due. For example, you have saved your money, planned it carefully and just before you could enjoy your celebration like a birthday, wedding anniversary, family holiday or whatever you had carefully planned, something bad will happen that devours your finance, time, health, or something out of your control would simply spoil the event so that it could not be enjoyed.

This curse is a typical attack on the Redemptive Gift of the Giver who tends to find they pleasure, safety and comfort at the wrong time, place or things.


Renunciations do not work.

  1. You need to deliberately change your lifestyle choices for example the time you spend with the family, eat healthy, quit smoking, deal with inner-healing, waste less money or time on sport, entertainment, hobbies and instead spend more time with wise people, teachings and seeking God's face.
  2. You need to be obedient and follow your calling even if there are no pleasure, "safety net" or comfort in the action.


The pattern remains, but instead of devouring you will now receive a blessing. For example where you use to suffer a huge financial loss every year, you may gain a huge financial income every year at the same time the loss used to happen.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.