The Philistine Curse

The Philistine took away all Israel’s blacksmiths so that they cannot make tools or weapons. The Philistines stocked up all the wells with earth because they were jealous. (1 Samuel. 13)

Abraham had no land, no allies, yet when he faced the Philistines who had land, an army and allies, the Philistines were afraid of Abraham. (Genesis. 21)


  • Projects fail because there is also one important resource missing like a final signature, a missing qualification, document and so on.
  • Leadership will not release a cursed person because they are misled to believe that he/she is not competent.

Cause (sin)

  • You distort the truth.
  • You cover up truth. For example, you hide important information for job protection, force people to be depended on you or to be enslaved to you.
  • You share the truth the wrong way. For example if someone makes a mistake, you make the person look awful instead of helping them.
  • You hide the truth. For example, you talk the truth, but you intentionally leave out a specific part to deceive people.
  • You delay the truth. For example, you deliberately delay a task to share the truth until it is too late to take action.
  • You manipulate with truth. For example, you apply guilt manipulations like bringing up sin/mistakes of the past to manipulate people’s actions, or you tell people what the “will of God” is.
  • You access forbidden truths like astrology, fortune-telling, and so.
  • You ignore the truth. For example, you know something is wrong, but you take no action.

If you manipulate trust (information) to manipulate people’s actions, then you must not be surprised if the enemy also manipulate resource to would have determined your success.

This curse is typical attach on the Redemptive Gift of Teacher who might find his/her legitimacy or safety in the information he/she possesses.


Change your lifestyle to use truth to release or improve or enhance people even you have received no direct benefit. For example if someone asks for an address, you do not just give the address, but you also give directions or any other information might help the person to complete his/her task more efficiently.


Besides, reversing the curse, the blessing is that you will receive first-hand truth from God (new fresh revelations) because you had been faithful with second hand truth, God will trust you with new revelations.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.