Redemptive Gift of the Teacher

The name of this redemptive gift should not be confused with the office of “teacher”. "Teachers" do not necessary teach others, but often do, because real world teachers need to validate the content of their courses to teach accurate information to their students. An alternative modern description could possibly be “analyst” that word probably did not exist at the time Paul was writing his letters.

Their important principle: Responsibility

  • They need to validate the truth.
  • They are very careful not to immediately reject any new thing, but also do not immediately receive any new thing until he/she had a chance to evaluate every aspect from different angles.
  • They resist second or third hand info or incarnated truths like human illustrations without evidence.
  • They process everything decisions information in detail which is perceived by others as slow decision makers.
  • They are unwilling to begin a process until they can see the end of the process. They want to see the big picture.


  • Provides safety for others in terms of truth validation.
  • They are emotionally very stable so that people feel comfortable being around them.
  • They are very good at summarising complex information.
  • They tend to maintain a wonderful sense of humour with practical jokes and are quick with the one-liners.


  • They are slow moving and are often late for appointments.
  • They are afraid of taking wrong decisions (or being outside the will of God).
  • Immature teachers are very self centred.
  • They find it very difficult to return phone calls, because phone calls forces them to make quick decisions and provide immediate answers without having a chance to evaluating the new information.
  • They are unwilling to impose responsibility on others. Feels unworthy in leadership roles.
  • They tends to form a professional relationship with God with excessive Bible studies, but do not enter into intimacy with God.


They find fulfilment to enable others with information (personal projects), however immature teachers could selectively neglect certain important responsibilities in order to find more time to excel in the other responsibilities that brings them honour.

Based on the teachings of Kanaan Ministries and Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.