Jotham's Curse on Shechem

Gideon left Israel to his 70 legal sons, but his one unlawful concubine son did not inherit anything, who got jealous and convinced the people to murder the other 70 sons, however Jotham (one of the 70 sons or in some Bible translations referred to as "Yotam") escaped and placed a curse on the cities involved.


Betrayal within (business partner milking your company, dishonest bookkeeper, church split, children of diseased parent fighting over inheritance, cheating husband/wife, etc.)

Cause (sin)

  • Ingratitude, for example if you do not reward your delivering workers.
  • Destruction of social capital (waste tax money / unmaintained resources like roads, pipes, power lines).
  • Gossip which is dishonouring a person or organization.
  • Betrayal (the human history is full of examples of dynasties where one king betrayed another only to get betrayed later himself by his own trusted family member or friend).

This curse is typical attach on the Redemptive Gift of Ruler who might find his/her legitimacy in his/her own empire.


  • Be grateful for even small things.
  • Seek opportunity to honour people even in small things.
  • If you really need to give feedback about a negative experience use diplomatic terms and do not defame people.


Your workers, clients, spouse, children, etc. will be loyal to you.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.