Redemptive Gift of the Ruler

The redemptive gift of Ruler enable people to get things done and to solve problems with very limited resources.

Their most important principle: Freedom

  • It is very important for them to have the people around them under pressure.
  • They usually don’t care if the job is 100% done, they don’t care about the implementation details, as long as all the requirements are meet.
  • They trust loyalty more than competence, because they can work with imperfect or broken people.


  • They cannot help to be empire builders.
  • They thrive under pressure and loves it.
  • They are very skilled at time management and are able to control his time even when they are very busy.
  • They own problems and could function independently. They do not take blame or blame others when things go wrong. They rather figure out how to fix the problem.
  • They do not need affirmation of other people.
  • They can use imperfect, broken, incompetent people and get the job done.


  • They hate to be micromanaged.


They find fulfilment in building empires / getting things done, but sometimes at the cost of other people.

Based on the teachings of Kanaan Ministries and Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.