Redemptive Gift of the Prophet

This redemptive gift should not be confused with the office or manifestation gift of prophecy. A redemptive gift of “prophet” does not necessary prophecy at all. It is just a name for the type of the redemptive gift.

Most important principle: Design

  • They have a very simplistic world view, i.e. they see things as “black or white” / “right and wrong” / “good or bad” .
  • They enjoy new things / revelations.
  • They try to make sense out of everything.
  • They are verbal expressive.
  • They have an opinion on everything all the time and is quite willing to share it.
  • They take initiative to judge others.
  • They do not tolerate bondage.
  • They are fiercely competitive and winning is very important to them.
  • They tend to be very emotional.

Typical strengths

  • They are thrive to be visionaries and have a very strong futuristic view.
  • They tend to take initiative.
  • They process new information, understand principles and weave them together very quickly.
  • They are very enduring.
  • They know no fear and are very bold to deal with other people and situations.

Typical weaknesses

  • They make a terrible job of maintaining something that is already running well. Prophets will rather improve / change / enlarge something or they will quit their job out of frustration.
  • They are very hard on themselves as well as other people.
  • They hold truth much more tightly than relationships and tend to damage relationships (judge and sometimes even execute judgement) in favour of their principles and understanding of how the world works.


They find fulfilment by taking others to a point of excellence, but often come at the cost that others are not willing to embrace pain which might necessary. Therefore the prophet must guard not to take other’s problems on themselves and attempt to manipulate others even if it would “help” them.

Based on the teachings of Kanaan Ministries and Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.