Yeshua (Jesus) gave man dominion to reign over the earth. Genesis 1-2

Counter (curse)

This attack uses two types of people:

  • The “victim”: A person with lots of “bad luck”. For example, he/she always pick the one bad product from a batch of good products, go to the best doctor everyone recommends and on the particular day the doctor turns out stupid or gives bad treatment. It seems like each person turns into a “predator” the moment they need to interact with the victim. The “predator” is usually a stronger person like a bully or an adult if the victim is a child or an abusive husband or a person in authority which could be the landlord, boss, and so on.
  • The “predator”: A person who would pick on a “victim” for no apparent reason at all. For example a child molester admitted that she would ignore other children, but got attracted to certain children who she experienced that had a “victim spirit” because the spirit would keep the child under her control so that she can more easily do her thing.

It seems to turn out the “victim demons” communicate with “predator demons” and attract the “victims” and “predictors” to each other.

This strategy makes the “victims” soft targets and ensure that the “predator” always gets away. This is the reason why some people continually have “bad luck”, always get “the shortest end of the stick”.


You gave the enemy your authority. You figured out why it is right to be wrong. In other words, you accept something that is wrong. For example a wife who think it is okay for her husband to beat her because if he goes to jail she has no income so the husband has the right to be wrong. When we agree that something is right to be wrong, you open a door for the victim demon to enter and to send out a beacon to other predator demons to do the same thing that the first predator was allowed to do.

This is also generational, and you will usually also find it in the family line too. Typically, it comes from one of the forefathers and reinforced by subsequent generations.

The Victim tend to fall into this trap where they want to continue to bring love to the predator despite being ruined by the predator. No amount of love will ever convert a demon. For example compare Jonathan to David in the Bible: The more Jonathan covered for his father, King Saul, the more violent his father became. David on the other hand said the kings' behaviour is not right and took action. David had to leave his comfort and flee. Another example is Josef and Mary who had to flee from King Herod.


  1. Find the root cause or source that allowed the “predator” to have power over you.
  2. Confess the wrong believe.
  3. Command the demonic to leave.
  4. Even without demons, the “victim” has already trained his environment around him/her to be “predators” to us even without the help of the enemy. For example the boss or husband will still violate you, but now you will have the power to push back with something as simple as saying “Excuse me? Did you really mean that?”. This way you should train your environment to refrain from violating your boundaries.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.