Authors of the Bible

Book Style Author Comment
Genesis Pentateuch Moses
Exodus Pentateuch Moses
Leviticus Pentateuch Moses
Numbers Pentateuch Moses
Deuteronomy Pentateuch Moses
Joshua History Joshua Except the parts relating to his death
Judges History Samuel, Nathan, Gad
Ruth History Samuel, Nathan, Gad
1 & 2 Samuel History Samuel, Nathan, Gad
1 & Kings History Jeremiah
1 & 2 Chronicles History Ezra
Ezra History Ezra
Nehemiah History Nehemiah, Ezra
Esther History Mordecai Possibly after Mordecai/'s death based on his personal records
Job Poetry Possibly Moses
Psalms Poetry David, Asaph, Ezra, sons of Korah, Herman, Ethan, Moses and other
Proverbs Poetry Solomon, except 30 & 31 by Agur & Lemuel
Ecclesiastes Poetry Solomon
Song of Solomon Poetry Solomon
Isaiah Prophetic Isaiah
Jeremiah Prophetic Jeremiah
Lamentations Prophetic Jeremiah
Ezekiel Prophetic Ezekiel
Daniel Prophetic Daniel
Hosea Prophetic Hosea
Joel Prophetic Joel
Amos Prophetic Amos
Obadiah Prophetic Obadiah
Jonah Prophetic Jonah
Micah Prophetic Micah
Nahum Prophetic Nahum
Habakkuk Prophetic Habakkuk
Zephaniah Prophetic Zephaniah
Haggai Prophetic Haggai
Zechariah Prophetic Zechariah
Malachi Prophetic Malachi
Matthew Gospel Matthew
Mark Gospel John Mark
Luke Prophetic Luke
John Prophetic Possibly John
Acts History Luke
Romans Epistles Paul
1 & 2 Corinthians Epistles Paul
Galatians Epistles Paul
Ephesians Epistles Paul
Philippians Epistles Paul
Colossians Epistles Paul
1 & 2 Thessalonians Epistles Paul
1 & 2 Timothy Epistles Paul
Titus Epistles Paul
Philemon Epistles Paul
Hebrews Epistles Paul / Luke / Barnabas / Apollos Scholars debate on who the author is
James Epistles James (possibly Jesus' brother)
1 & 2 Peter Epistles Peter
1 - 3 John Epistles John
Jude Epistles Jude (the brother of Jesus and James as per Jude 1:17)
Revelations Epistles John