Share Your Story

Do you have a true story to share about a miracle, break-through or revelation that will give God the glory and might encourage other readers?


  • Your story must be true. No fiction please.
  • Do not reveal your own identity. It is not only believers who will read your story, but also future employers, clients, opposition, attorneys, and so on. who might use your own story against you in a legal battle.
  • Do not name or shame individuals, organization, churches or communities.
  • You may use fake names to protected people's identities and if you do, please state it clearly in your story.
  • You will not be able to update or edit your story once published, unless your specifically reach out to one of our editors and request to do so.
  • Your story will only be published if it is giving God the glory. We won't publish hero or fan stories.
  • We might edit your story for example to correct language or spellings mistakes if we find it necessary to do so.
  • You do not own any copyrights of anything you voluntarily publish on this website.