Note that you can:

  • Multiplying numbers to combine their meaning: For example 3x3 = 9 = breaking or restoring unity
  • Repeat numbers like to highlight an aspect: For example 666 = the mark of the Beast (an ungodly human (6) trinity (3))
  • Relate (subtract or add 1) to the next or previous number: For example 8 is the beginning of the next 7 series.

But you cannot:

  • Add or subtract any number and use the result for a new meaning. For example is 7 = 0+7 or 1+6 or 2+5 or 3+4 or 3.5+3.5 or what? As you can see this will radically change the meaning and interpretation.
  • Use man made chapters or verse numbers of the Bible to derive a meaning.
  • Count the number something occurs in Bible text. Bible translations differ and some translators leave out or combine things which changes the count.
  • Use modern or translated measuring units. You have to use the numbers of the original text.
  • Derive the meaning of a number from a single bible verse. You need to identify a pattern.
Number Meaning
1 God
2 relationship
3 unity
4 boundaries
5 suffering / grace
6 human
7 complete
8 new beginning
9 judgement / atonement
10 authority
11 changing / breaking laws
12 bride of Christ
13 deception
14 next generation
15 forgiveness
24 serving believers


Meaning: God

This is how God identified Himself in the Shema:

"Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one!" -- Deuteronomy 6:4, Mark 12:29

Jesus’ identified himself as the “alpha (first letter in Greek alphabet) & omega”.

Like God, it comes first, it is independent and pure.

You cannot multiply any numbers and get to God's identity. God cannot be replaced.

You can divide any number by 1. Nothing is impossible for God.

The first Ancient Hebrew letter Alef is a picture of an ox head which symbolises strong, power or leader.


Meaning: relationship

The association between two parties. This could either be in legal terms, negotiation, trade, agreement, support, friendship, or marriage.

The second Ancient Hebrew letter Bet is picture of a tent floor plan which symbolises family.


Meaning: unity

Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. -- Ecclesiastes 4:12

3 witnessed Jesus' transfiguration on Mount Herman and were in unity about what they saw: John, Peter, James

Jesus prayed 3 times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest and torture for unity with his Father asking "Your will be done".

Jesus sacrifice had multiple 3's to indicate the unity between God, Jesus and those who are covered by the blood of Jesus:

  • Jesus was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day
  • There were 3 hours of darkness that covered the land when Jesus died.
  • Christ was dead for 3 days to bring unity

The New Jerusalem that will be created by God, will be shaped like a square with 3 gates on each side (Revelation 21:13). This will happen when God is fully united with man and will live among them.

The third Ancient Hebrew letter Gimel is a picture of a foot which symbolises gather or walk together.


Meaning: boundaries

4 = 2x2 = A relationship between 2 entities puts a clear boundary in place

It is also the first positive non-prime number which is divisible by a number other than itself or one which indicates that a boundary could potentially be violated by a foreign factor.

The fourth Ancient Hebrew letter Dalet is a picture of a door which symbolises entrance (to a boundary).

Boundaries in the context of holiness

Holy means to keep separate. You cannot keep something separate if there are no boundary.

The 4th commandment is about day: "Keep the Sabbath Day holy". Holy means separate. To keep something separate, you need a boundary.

Ezekiel saw a vision (Ezekiel 1, 10) of 4 living creatures transporting a throne with 4 sides and 4 wheels. Each of the living creatures has 4 faces (man, lion, ox, eagle) and 4 wings (Ezekiel 1:6).

In Hebrew God's name, often referred to as the Tetragrammaton (a Greek word meaning “four letters”), is written with four Hebrew letters: Yud, Hey, Vav, Hey usually represented in English as YHVH.

When God gave the instructions for constructing an altar, he instructed the priests to construct an alter that has 4 corners and 4 pillars. A clear boundary between holy and unholy.

The Bible talks about the new Jerusalem having 4 sides (walls with gates) which indicate a clear boundary.

Boundaries in the context of unholiness

Unholiness = violated boundaries

Ezekiel, is later told in Ezekiel 14:21, to ask Israel's unrepentant elders to repent or else 4 sore judgements would come upon Jerusalem (sword, famine, wild beasts, pestilence)

Some of Daniel and John's visions contains beasts with 4 faces.

Boundaries in the context of time

A season or period indicates a temporary event that has a start and end time boundary.

For example, we have four natural seasons, namely Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn.

On the 4th day of creation, the Sun, Moon and stars were created. These are all associated with seasons or time periods.

Boundaries in the context of space

After the 4th day of creation, all boundaries where completed: light/darkness; days; waters separated above and below the heavens; ocean/land; space; seasons; and so on.

Squares are the most basic shape that could be tiled in such a way that it would occupy all the space within the boundaries of a bigger square without applying any rotation.

Ezekiel, later in his book, is told to proclaim to Israel that an end is coming upon the four corners of the land (Ezekiel 7:2) because Israel violated God's boundaries.

Boundaries in the context of direction

We have four main wind directions: North, East, South, West


Meaning: suffering / grace

The fifth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of a man with arms raised. This could possibly symbolise a person asking for help or celebrating (revealing) grace.

Examples of Suffering

Daniel 2 tells about Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream a statue made from 5 materials or parts which would govern (or torment) the world.

The tormented rich man in hell requested to save his 5 brother who were still alive Luke 16:28.

Jesus was tortured 5 times.

They were allowed to torment them for 5 months, but not to kill them... -- Revelation 9:5,10

Examples of Grace

A figure of an open hand shows 5 fingers (not a first or pointing finger). This is a hand that can either serve, touch or receive grace.

The fifth book of the (Pentateuch) describes how to receive God's grace.

According to the book of Exodus, God instructed that the tabernacle should have 5 curtains, 5 pillars, 5 sockets and the altar should be 5 cubits wide and 5 cubits long. The tabernacle would also have a court that is 5 cubits in length. A symbol of God's grace.

After the tabernacle was constructed, oil was used to anoint the furniture for consecration and God again gave orders to the preparation of this holy anointing oil which includes 5 parts or 5 spices. Even the ingredients of this oil were in multiplications of 5: 500 shekels pure myrrh, 250 shekels sweet calamus, 500 shekels of cassia, 250 shekels of sweet cinnamon. (Exodus 30:23-25)

The Israelites had to serve God with 5 different offerings: tresspass-, sin-, peace-, meat- and burn offerrings

David realised he stood no chance on his own against Goliath, so he chose 5 stones as a symbol of God's grace to spare his life.

Jesus feed 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and two fishes and there were enough food left that they could still fill up some baskets.


Meaning: human

A normal human figure has a 1 body + 1 head + 2 arms + 2 legs

6 = 2x3 = humans were made for relationships and to live in unity with each other and God

6 is a "vulnerable" non-prime number that can be divided by broken relationships or disunity.


Meaning: complete

The seven pattern occurs through the bible where it indicates a complete set of properties. For example the 7 redemptive gifts.

If you take a perfect cube in three-dimensional space, and you extend each the six faces of the cube with another cube, you end up with 7 cubes (the original cube + 6 extended cubes) which forms a figure that a symmetrical in each of the three dimensions' axes symbolising a complete set.


Meaning: new beginning

Eight is the first number of the next seven-cycle of numbers.

8 = 4x2 = second series of seasons/events

The eighth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of a tent wall which symbolizes division (between the previous period and the next period).


meaning: judgement / atonement

9 = 3x3 = breaking/restoring of unity

The ninth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of a basket which symbolizes a container that is used to keep items separate or together.

Examples of Judgement

The last king of Israel in the Old Testament was Hoshea. He was on the throne for 9 years before Israel got judged.

9 August was the day of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Romans.

There were 9 generations from Adam to Noah = Judgement

Examples of Atonement

Definition of atonement

1 : reparation for an offense or injury : satisfaction a story of sin and atonement He wanted to find a way to make atonement for his sins. 2 : the reconciliation of God and humankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ

--- Merriam-Webster

And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “Also the tenth day of this seventh month shall be the Day of Atonement. It shall be a holy convocation for you; ... you shall afflict (humble) your souls; on the 9th day of the month at evening, from evening to evening, you shall celebrate your sabbath.” -- Leviticus 23:26-32

On the 9th day of the seventh month, the Jews fast for atonement with God.

Jesus died on the 9th hour of the day, the great atonement sacrifice which united God and humans.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. -- Galatians 5:22-23

There are 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit which unite people with each other and with God.

Cornelius, the centurion that the Bible mentions, had a vision on the 9th hour of the day, and he had to contact the apostle Peter for atonement so that he would become the first gentile that got converted by the apostles. (Acts 10)


Meaning: authority

"God said" 10 times during Genesis 1 when He created the world.

Noah was the 10th generation. His obedience to God's authority saved humans.

We have the 10 commandments in the Bible.

God demonstrated His authority over Egypt with 10 plagues.

The Passover lamb was selected on the 10th day of the first month (Exodus 12:3) which signals that the owner of the lamb had the authority to choose which lamb was to be slaughtered.

King Nebuchadnezzar found Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers in the kingdom. Therefore, he gave them more authority.

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a beat with 10 toes, which was interpreted by Daniel as a King who would have authority over the world.

Jesus used the number 10 in a few parables:

  • The 10 virgins: those who brought enough oil were authorized to enter the feast, but the rest had to remain outside.
  • The 10 talents: those who were wise received more authority and the unwise lost his talent.

John saw a vision of a beast with 10 horns in Revelation 13 and 17 which is explained to have great authority.

10 = 2x5 = legal authority that could lead to grace or suffering

The tenth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of an arm and closed hand which symbolizes working for or worshiping authority.


Meaning: changing / breaking laws

It is the number that follows after 10 (authority)

Examples from the Bible:

  • Before Joseph re-united with his family, Jacob had 11 sons. In the book of Genesis we read the sad story of the 11 brothers who betrayed their youngest brother.
  • Johaiakim, was among the last kings of Judah who reigned only 11 years because he "did evil in the eyes of the Lord" (2 Kings 23:36-37)
  • Zedekiah was also an evil king and also reigned for 11 years (2 Kings 24:18-19)
  • Daniel saw a dream (Daniel 7:8) where a "little horn" was added to the ten other horns. The 11th horn altered the laws.

The eleventh Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of an open palm which symbolizes bend or open or allow or tame.


Meaning: the bride of Christ (believers)

Examples from the Bible:

  • After Joseph re-united his family, they were 12 sons again. These same 12 sons became the 12 tribes of Israel who were meant to be the chosen nation.
  • Jesus was 12 years old when he started to teach and preparing believers.
  • Jesus had 12 disciples who followed him from whom Christianity originated.
  • 144,000 will receive salvation during the end time's Great Tribulation according to Revelation 7 (12 x 12,000)
  • The New Jerusalem contained 12 gates and was 12x12 = 144 cubits high. The city represents the "bride" (believers) that will live in the presence of God.

12 could be expressed as:

  • 12 = 6x2 = humans loving each other (perhaps a picture of marriage) or
  • 12 = 3x4 = united under the same boundaries (values)

Marriage or fellowship are very fragile. 12 can be divided by:

  • 1 = by God
  • 2 = distrust, selfishness, pride, or anything that damages a relationship
  • 3 = disunity or isolation, the lack of support
  • 4 = violated boundaries, compromising on values or disrespect
  • 6 = rejection by people
  • 12 = by itself

The twelve Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of a shepherd staff which symbolizes a Shepherd who is teaching or protected His flock (John 10:14).


Meaning: deception

It is the number that follows 12 (truth). Once you add something to the truth, it becomes a deception.

  • 12 = true believers
  • 13 = deceived people

Examples from the Bible:

  • Nimrod was the 13th generation from Ham's (one of Noah's sons) line. He deceived the people to come into rebellion against God.
  • Haman the Agagite tricked his king to sign a decree on the 13th day of the first month, which stated that on the 13th day of the twelfth month, all Jews in the Persian Empire were to be killed.
  • Jesus + his 12 disciples = 13 people around the table of the last supper where Jesus got betrayed.

The purpose of deception is to trick people into making the wrong decisions which often leads to rebellion.

Just as 13 cannot be divided by numbers other than 13 or 1, you can also not have partial deception or lie. Something is either the truth or a lie.

The thirteenth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of water which symbolizes chaos or blood.


Meaning: next generation

14 = 2x7 = the second complete set (generation)

Examples from the Bible:

  • In Jesus's genealogy we find there were 14 generations between (and including) Abraham to Joseph (Matthew 1:1 - 17).
  • The 14th day of the first month (Nisan), God made two covenant promises to Abraham's future generations (Genesis 15:1-5).
  • The 14th day of the first month is the Passover, when God delivered the firstborn of Israel from death.
  • The 14th day of the first month, Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, was crucified.

The fourteenth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of seed which symbolizes seed, continuation, heir or son.


Meaning: forgiveness

15 = 5x3 = receiving grace by reuniting

Examples from the Bible:

  • 15th day of the first month (Nisan) is also the first day of the Feat of Unleavened Bread (a feast about the forgiveness of sins).
  • King Hezekiah, who was sick and dying, asked for forgiveness which was granted and God extended his life with 15 more years.
  • It was in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar that John the Baptist's ministry began (Luke 3:1-3)

The fifteenth Ancient Hebrew letter Hey is a picture of a thorn which symbolizes hate but also protection.


24 = 2x12 = serving believers

Jesus (Yeshua) identified himself as the “alpha and the omega (24th letter in Greek alphabet)”. He is our High Priest.

More examples from the Bible:

  • King David divided those responsible for temple music into 24 sections (1 Chronicles 23 - 24).
  • King David also divided the priests into 24 courses (1 Chronicles 25).
  • Around God's heavenly throne are 24 elders each wearing crowns and sitting on thrones (Revelation 4:1-4)