The Holy Spirit gives you a sound mind and understanding by guiding you with wisdom to make the right choices.

Counter (curse)

The “mesmerizing spirit” distract people and focus their attention on one thing so that they do not notice what is going on in an important area of their lives. The Mesmerizing spirit’s main objectives are:

  • to make good people, actions or intentions look bad and
  • to make bad people, actions or intentions look good.

For example in a church the congregation will might only see the good of a pastor, but they do not realize that the man has some serious issues that needs to be dealt with.

Or another example is that everyone will focus on one mistake a person had made and make that person look horrifically bad (especially in the media industry).

It is the enemy’s best interest to focus on what is bad in believer’s so that they get pushed to the side in society and to honour the dishonourable so that they can take control of the society.

On the other hand the Bible deal with both people’s honour and their failures, for example:

  • David who was a hero was also an adulterer, murderer and so on,
  • Enoch who was taken away by God like no other human, but failed to raise his children to fear God.
  • There are many more examples in the Bible that deals with both the good and the bad realities of people’s lives.

You should be careful not to:

  • idolize a person like a pastor, teacher, mentor and so on,
  • make bad decisions like to write off a church or organization because of one small issue,
  • judge people based on their race, gender, qualifications, charm and physical properties instead of whom they really are,
  • married couples should be careful to get into a habit where they only focus on each other’s mistakes. This will destroy the relationship and cause them to avoid each other as far as possible.


By allowing yourself to be deceived once, you gave the “mesmerizing spirit” the legal right to deceive you in other areas too. For example, you might honour a sport/pop star for his/her talent, but you ignore the fact that the person is a pervert. The fact that a person is very talented does not make them a good person.


  • Deal with the demonic: A simple daily prayer is usually good enough. It might have no effect initially, and you need to be patient. For example, it took Arthur Burk 90 days of daily prayers before he was release of this curse.
  • Ask God to reveal HIS truth: Do not dictate to God which truths because that is witchcraft, and you might be surprised what unexpected truths God might reveal. You do not know what you do not know. Expect that sometimes scandals might be revealed which may place you or other people in very uncomfortable but necessary situations.

Based on the teachings of Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group.